Just another wordpress site, yeah?

I’ve been sitting on this domain for almost a decade and a half. Since my dreams of selling it to HBO for bajillions of dollars are now dashed, I might as well use it!

So… I have a blog now. Now I can verbally regurgitate whatever is on my mind, only, I don’t have to spam all my facebook friends with it. Hey, this is actually a great idea! Now if only everyone else on social media would follow suit, the interwebz would be a much quieter place.

2 thoughts on “Just another wordpress site, yeah?

  1. Eric Charlton says:

    Heyy its @GoT_Dany… still would like to purchase @arya if possible. It would really mean a lot to me. Just to re-confirm, nothing would be lost. All you would need to do is (on a PC) go to settings, and change the username! Every single tweet in your history stays with you.

    I could also put your blog (winterfell.com) in my @GoT_Dany profile, she has almost 10,000 followers and would generate traffic to your blog. My phone number is 716-609-3824. Feel free to text me, I’d prefer to DM each other or text rather than publicly tweet at each other. I hope to work something out with you. I come in peace, and hope you do too!


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